Marissa Albat, 2015

Marissa is now in the Social Work Program at The University of Wyoming. In the lab, she conducted research on media multi-tasking and how multi-tasking behavior may vary with age.

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Andrew Moore

Since graduating with a BA in Psychology, I've relocated to Ann Arbor, MI. Currently I'm working on the Army STARRS Pre-Post Deployment Study as a Survey Technician at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. I'm also volunteering with Dr. Oscar Ybarra's lab on Michigan's campus, helping with several projects related to social interaction and their effects on cognition. 

 Across the next year I'll be finalizing a manuscript on the studies I've conducted in relation to personality and video game play while continuing to broaden my research experience in psychology, and exploring life outside of Idaho. 

Joshua Sukeena

Joshua is his PhD in neuroscience at the University of Idaho.





Mandy Brasher

Mandy is a 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College and a native Idahoan. A former lab manager, she is now pursuing her M.D. at the University of Kentucky.




Claudia Brandt Guerrero

Claudia graduated with degrees in Spanish and Psychology from the College of Idaho in 2011. She was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and is fluent in Spanish and English. Currently she is teaching English in Korea on the EPIK program! Her interests include developmental psychology and counseling for kids, as well as spiritual development in psychology. In addition, she loves to watch Korean TV shows, and listen to Korean Rock and Pop music as well as Latin music.

Faith Brasher

I received my B.S. in Biology and Psychology in 2010 from The College of Idaho. My interests in psychology were piqued during my dental internships when working with patients particularly those with dental anxiety. As I pursued my psychology major my studies expanded into the field of research and ultimately I was hired as a lab manager in The Cognitive Plasticity Lab. My main research focuses were exploring the effects of media multi-tasking. As an undergrad and alumni, I presented at Pychonomics in St. Louis 2010 and Seattle 2011 with Dr. Minear. It was awesome! Currently, I am dental student at the University of Kentucky pursuing my D.M.D. My background in psychology and working in the lab have proven to be invaluable experiences in the field of dentistry. In my spare time I enjoy seeing the sights of Kentucky, Keeneland Horse Racing, and catching up with my friends and family in Idaho. Ultimately I hope to return to Idaho to practice dentistry.

Mindi Price

Mindi graduated from The College of Idaho in 2014. As a former lab manager, she worked on many projects and has presented her own work on stress and emotion at SPSP. She is currently pursuing a PhD in social psychology at Texas Tech!





Ellen Gott


Ellen graduated from The College of Idaho in 2014 with degrees in psychology and biology. She has conducted research on mindfulness meditation and presented her work at SPSP and RMPA.






Katrine Franks

Katrine graduated from The College of Idaho in 2014. She has presented her work on emotion and stress at SPSP in Austin, Texas.






Brodi Etheredge


Brodi graduated from The College of Idaho in 2014 with a major in Psychology and minors in Human Biology and Journalism.








Mark MMark McCurdy

My interests lie primarily in clinical psychology, specifically in acquired brain injury and the neuropsychological assessment of such injuries across the lifespan. After gaining research experience in Dr. Minear’s Cognitive Plasticity Laboratory, and graduating from The College of Idaho, I worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Neuropsychology Research at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore Maryland and am pursuing a PhD in clinical neuropsychology at Drexel University.

Monica Angleton


Monica is pursuing a career in the wine industry.






Jack Lewis


I received my B.A. in Psychology and I recently moved to Erie, Colorado to pursue my dream of furthering my education in Cognitive Psychology. My decision to pursue psychology was guided by Dr. Minear during my junior year at C of I where I developed a love for Cognitive Psychology and performing research.  I am considering pursuing an advanced degree in either Sports Psychology program or a Cognitive program with a sports focus. I am currently a research assistant at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I am working under Keith Lohse and Shaw Ketels and our advisor Dr. Alice F. Healy. I love being active and involved with any type of extreme sport.  


Mark T

Mark Thacker

Mark is currently taking a break in Hawaii, his home state. He is interested in the relationships between cognitive performance and video game expertise.

See Mark's Student Research Conference Presentation on youtube.

laurenLauren Aguas

I plan on pursing an MBA after my graduation from The College of Idaho.  When I’m not in class or the lab I like to be with my dog, Bode, who has taught me how to enjoy the simple things in life like a good nap or just going on a run. I also enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and downhill skiing.



Lea Williams

Leah graduated in 2012 with degrees in Art and Psychology. She is currently working in psychosocial rehabilitation. She is planning to attend graduate school to pursue her interests in art therapy and counseling.


Other lab alumni include: Steven Birkenbine, Baylee Borchers, Makenzie Ellsworth, Kelley Fitzpatrick, Shannon Kilburn, Jacob Mamer, Dustin Mays, Gary Parkinson, Ashley Pyo, Courtney Swantek and Niki Ward.